March 25th - March 31st, 2019 | Fallen Oak | Biloxi, MS

Birdies for Charity Program



New to Birdies for Charity?


Welcome Aboard to the Mississippi Gulf Coast's Favorite Fundraising Program!

With Birdies for Charity, 100% of your pledged funds go to your organization. Our amazing presenting sponsor, The Gulf Coast Community Foundation, promises a 5% MATCH for each participating charity and awards Bonus Bucks to the top three!  We always try to do more than the promised 5% by obtaining donations from other businesses and foundations.  In addition to that, the Rapiscan System Classic Presented by Coastal Mississippi, a 501(c)(3) ourselves, works hard on and off the course to make the program a success.  We cover all administrative fees related to the program, provide all materials and offer personal advice and guidance to help you start your program or move your program to the next level.

The 2019 Birdies for Charity kick-off was on January 23rd and then, in June, we get to unveil to the community the total amount raised, and each organization can get their final check at that event or receive them in the mail soon after.

So, let's re-cap:

  1. No Administrative fees - you get 100% of your funds raised
  2. We provide you with all the fundraising materials (pledge forms, resource materials, website presence and personal guidance)
  3. You get an additional 5% bonus match just for being in the program
  4. You get to do a happy dance in June when you receive your check from Birdies for Charity!

What's not to love?!


To register your charity for Birdies for Charity,

download the attached document and return to Mary Wesche


2019 Birdies for Charity Commitment Form 


Program Resources

2019 Birdies for Charity Presentation

2019 Birdies Information Manual                  

2019 Database Guide

2019 Birdies Key Info

Birdies Logo 


For further information contact Mary Wesche at

228-243-7021 or